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Fun game!
A few experience/quality of life suggestions:
* cutscene sound volume is much higher than rest of game - a bit jarring, especially the crash.
* tell the player spacebar + arrow keys in the tutorial (at least 2 players didn't know about space for items -- I tried X and Z from playing many SHMUP and puzzle games)
* let players skip the intro island with a boat to the west of the spawn point after you have played the game once
* fix i for info/clicking showing explanation (doesn't work on OSX)
* put the deduction tutorial in your first screenshot! I first avoided this game at a glance bc I thought it was a mouse game dragging and dropping pieces until I heard otherwise. Show off the design a little :) it's a great twist on vision in roguelikes.

Gameplay feedback:
* player on last hit / dying next turn -> reach boat, should let them survive (gain 1hp back?) I was hoping this would have worked.. dramatic survival.

* more interactions between enemies would be cool. I want to make the horse archer fire an arrow at another enemy, or the tiger eat the bird.. (maybe this happens later, I got past island 7 and saw many new enemies!)

Overall a great game and I like the challenges of the later islands!

If you are a fan of puzzle games or rougelikes this is a great coffee break roguelike.

One more gameplay suggestion: I've seen enemies turn around to hit. It would be neat if the facing of an enemy in the deduction views mattered - ambushing enemies from behind. (Would that make the player too powerful?)


Thanks, this is all great feedback!