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I feel like some inspiration was taken from Madoka, from character designs to relationships. Whether that was intended or not, the fact that i drew that relation made me really enjoy this, as i enjoyed Madoka as well. I really hope i don't offend the creators by saying that, i loved this either way. <3


madoka is my favorite anime! so there's definitely some influence, though it wasn't something i was actively thinking about during development haha. i don't take offense to it at all, it's quite the compliment actually!

Well i'm glad you think so! Thanks for the response and most importantly, thank you for the amazing experience! I have a feeling that this game will be on my mind for quite some time haha. Anyway, have a good one and thank you for your time. ^^

Hm, I did sort of get a Madoka vibe from the characters when I was writing theme songs for them, but I didn't really think about it actively either. It is one of my favorite anime though, and I probably have been influenced by how Yuki Kajiura composes character themes! Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!