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my full play through here: 

It's pretty alright the atmosphere is okay it'd be cool if the mannequins had freakier movements or sound effects as they approached they kinda look like goofy polygon men instead of mannequins as well. They're a bit too slow to make it challenging I liked that the stage isn't randomly generated or at least it didn't seem to be. There's not much story and all the notes outside of the first one are kind of bland and useless. The doors are kind of a pain in the butt also it would be nice if there was just a key to open them instead of fighting to drag them open. Keys are kind of smol as well it took me forever to find the first one and I just kinda walked over it. I did force a death (you have to force it it's kind of hard to die even when you want to) my second play through it's not too scary screen just goes kinda white and there's a little sound effect nothing too terrifying.