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do it! i was using this largely as a way to try to make something purely html/css/js, w/o relying on twine or bitsy or unity what have you. now i feel like i have a better handle on what i can do to make a twine game look less like a twine game lol. good luck designing!


Ah dude that's awesome! I totally FEEL the want to not rely on twine or any other engine. Looking forward to more of your work! Your prowess with twine is hella inspiring 

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hey dh! I'm co-hosting a jam with shufPoetry and just wanted to let you know that we've listed your game as one of the ones people can look to for "poetic inspiration." Is this okay? hope you are well! this is the jam page if you wanna see it:


oh whoa! hell yeah it's o.k.! that makes me feel real nice :)