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So it's been a while, and a lot has changed. I've sadly had to abandon the Jam theme in favor of something that would work with the art assets I've been able to find, but overall the project is progressing well. Since the last update I've implemented many things, and I won't get to all of them today, so here are the most important ones.

Gameplay programming for player and enemy is complete, save for some bug squashing. Players and enemies can move and attack each other, as well as die. I've also programmed a series of managers for aspects of gameplay, such as a system for pausing the game, a system to change audio tracks, and a UI system to display player and enemy health as well as status conditions and cooldown effects.

As we head into the home stretch, I'll be focusing on level design and boss design, and I'll provide updates when I can. I'll also be doing a postmortem in this thread when the jam ends.