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Saving up enough money for an Oculus Touch+Rift, I watch JoshDub play this, and I was wondering if it's for the touch as well?

I have heard people that owns the Oculus Touch saying that worked fine on their devices. Also, raithza, the author of the game, said that he just owned the Vive, so he could not officially say that it's compatible with Oculus, but also said that people that owns the Oculus don't have problems playing this game.

I hope this can help you! :3

its compatible with oculus

ye bro if u look on steam it says vive and oculus touch compatible :D

im also saving up for a vr headset , hopefully this time next year i will have enough, im 14 so it quite difficult getting money but i am getting around 10 pound each week for chores and shit :D