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It's a cool game and the aspect of a roguelike with voxel's is nice too, but when I played for the first time (and again) none of the mobs attacked me, so it was easy to pass. I felt that I don't know what I pick from the floor, there's no box of text saying "You picked a key" and I feel that is needed the box of text saying "you slayed some mob, or you took that damage" like a progress bar of what are you doing in the game. And is nice if the zoom camera started close to the character (what makes you game more interesting in various details) and the areas that are locked by the door, you can't see what's behind then until you open the door, what makes me think what I'm gonna face behind that door, should I open?.     But congrats and hope for the best of this game in the future :)


Thanks so much for playing and for the feedback! :) Those are all great ideas and are features that I'd like to implement eventually. Since it's mostly an experiment I am working on for RPG in a Box, for now it's mainly just meant to be a fun experience of running around killing monsters and opening doors, hehe. Thank you again for the message, and stay tuned for updates! :)