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seems like it could be a fun game, but i cant get the character to turn, either on controller or mouse + keyboard.

Hello! I can try to look into this tonight. Are you using an Xbox controller? Do you have a standard US keyboard or some other layout? Is there anything else "non-standard" with your PC setup? I'll see if I can reproduce it somehow.


Also, does he move forward and back, and can you move his upper body/butt?

my keyboard is a UK qwerty keyboard, and yes im using a 360 controller. I can move as you describe, my upper body balancing is slow, and i cannot turn

Okay, I have a suspicion that I can check out tonight. Last question, do you have a fast performing PC?

yes, its a pc built especially for running newer games

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I have just uploaded a new version. Can you download it and let me know if the turning controls work for you?


Turning works great, but now I have one more problem. When the character "drinks" the coffee, i get a blank bar at the top that flashes repeatedly, and disappears as soon as i stop drinking

Okay, I will try to fix this tonight.

I think I know what is causing what you're seeing (it's the Caffeine Boost monitor being near zero) and I'll tie it into a set of other updates that I'm going to try to deploy over the weekend.