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Cooldog Teaches Typing is a game about a dog who is teaching you how to type, though we may need some second thought on HOW he teaches us...

Name : Cooldog

Teaching : You

Your name : He jumbles up the letters so you can't type properly, Skip this one.

Your hands condition : I don't even...

Your computer condition : ...Know how I write with this. My hands and my keyboard.. SUCK.

Your condition : I guess i'm good, other than a dog that can't type properly is teaching people how to type. and we can use liek all our fingers. I'm ok other than that fact. ANYWAY...

The typing legend overall is... You.

Cooldog is pretty much dumb but not really. When you type "Words like batman" after the "batman" he goes out of the circle and changes into batman. Going farther he changes back. The weird thing is you can't get dressed that quickly. He does it in just a matter of seconds.

He is a cool cooldog. Who teached cooldog? Reply with your guess. Not even I know!

I guess he's okay in... Talking. But typing?? Get me out of here. Now.

Because I give up right now.