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I'm afraid I have forgotten how- 

you might wanna try some comforting moves though.

I'm downloading it rn 

and I'm hoping that its gonna let me run it 


how do i open it? 

'trick or and treat'

whats the code for the safe?

I love this game!! :D


Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it.

Saferoom. Go to the saferoom

i'm sorry but its for windows only

you can't its for windows only

its uh

not very 'family friendly'

This was a good game!!

I got bored kinda quickly but still a good game. 

Does anyone know how to uninstall this? 

This game is awesome! 

but I have a question. How do I uninstall it? 

'nick soemthing' 

'good movie actor'


Maybe cool cat taught him how to type-

I guess the game  doesn't want you to get other cats that way? 

you could always just pick the ones you want.

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How to beat (6) of the  lvl's without battling. 

-Have any Hugging cat hug  Persian

-Have any hugging cat hug Old Man Marvin

-Have bred as your team-mate and have him feed Lala and Grumpy OR Have Old Man Marvin as your team-mate and have him tell Lala and Grumpy a story

-Have UwU (or any other comforting cat) as your team-mate and have them comfort Leaf

-Have any hugging/comforting cat comfort Death

-Have Bred feed Fat cat

(I'll tell ya'll more later-)

Maybe try UwU (if you have him) and click "Comfort"

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The reason you didn't get any cats is because you have to many cats. I have no idea whats going on with the  'cats standing there awkwardly glitched out.' though.