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Thanks for the feedback! Do you think a progress save after each area would be a good solution? I may not have enough code memory left to implement that but I can try.

BTW - tips for the boss: it changes left/right direction when it hits the edge of the screen, it moves up or down at those turns to get closer to the player, and it only shoots when you are far away from it. The trick to defeating is to stick close, fire at it when it swaps direction, then run to the other side of it and repeat. :)

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Awesome, thanks for the tips :)

To be honest, I used some savestates in the emulators I use. I mainly use my psp, ps vita and thec64 mini/maxi. Maybe some old skool password system, could be an option? 

Without savestates I would not make it through level 37, that one took me several runs :)

Yeah I figured emulator save states would be used by most. I also used the excuse of how hard games were back in the 80s to justify it! But it would be a better game with something built in. I managed to defeat the whole game on a single play through just once so I thought at least it is achievable. 😅

hahaha :)
These days I have 3 kids running around, playing a single play through is impossible for me. I live my gaming life on savestates. That's why I use the c64mini/maxi instead of my orig. breadbin. Thank you for your time, keep making these kind of games, I will buy. Here's hoping to Monster Catcher part 2, the return ;)

I hear ya! Thanks for all the feedback, really appreciate it.