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Thanks! Yes I’ll be sure to include more music for my next game. :)

Thank you! :)

I haven't created one but there is one on

Can you email me the code and I’ll check it out? monte [at]

Or if you’re on Twitter, you can message me there:

Thanks. Could be that the bug is in Windows Vice as well. One thing to check, in Settings > Cartridges > EasyFlash, make sure you have “Optimize image when saving” turned off. 

And are you using v1.02?

It could also be a bug with the game, but the only thing that would leave you with no progress would be if it happened after 256 saves when it erases the sector. Did you see if the border flashed before during a save before you lost progress? The flash happens when the sector is being erased.

That is not intended behaviour. What are you playing on? I have encountered a bug in Vice on Mac where EasyFlash saves are lost occasionally. But it appears to be a bug with Vice itself.

Thank you for the clarification. :) It certainly would be pretty easy to have the intro and menu soundtrack appear on the other stages, but they would be very repetitive by themselves. I’d like to try and create some more music, maybe based of the intro+menu loops. I’ll see what I can do.

Thank you! I’ll admit that music is not my strength. Maybe I’ll get some time to do some more for an update, but I’m not sure.

Thank you!

Thank you! I’m really pleased you like both games. I’m not stopping any time soon! :)

Thank you, very kind! I’ve had quite a few tips going along with purchases so that’s been really nice. But I’m not in it for the money. ;)

Thank you. There have been a few requests for a disk version so I may look into it but no promises. ;)

Thanks for playing! It would be possible to do a disk version, but would potentially have long loading times and wouldn’t be a great experience. It was planned as crt from the beginning so would be a bit of work to change to dusk loading.

Thank you!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

Wow, great long play. Thank you!

Thank you!


Thanks for all your help!

Yep, it works on NTSC.

Thanks so much!

A physical version is possible but no confirmed plans at the moment.

Sorry about that. It does mention it is a cart image in the description but I’ll make it clearer.

No sorry. Makes too much use of fast ROM switching that you get with cart.


Thank you!


Thank you!

No, it’s a crt file

Thank you! ☺️

Thanks for playing!

I hear ya! Thanks for all the feedback, really appreciate it.

Yeah I figured emulator save states would be used by most. I also used the excuse of how hard games were back in the 80s to justify it! But it would be a better game with something built in. I managed to defeat the whole game on a single play through just once so I thought at least it is achievable. 😅

Thanks for the feedback! Do you think a progress save after each area would be a good solution? I may not have enough code memory left to implement that but I can try.

BTW - tips for the boss: it changes left/right direction when it hits the edge of the screen, it moves up or down at those turns to get closer to the player, and it only shoots when you are far away from it. The trick to defeating is to stick close, fire at it when it swaps direction, then run to the other side of it and repeat. :)

Thanks so much! Glad you're enjoying it.

Thank you! That’s great to hear. :)

Hi everyone,

I'm very excited to post about my first game, and also my first C64 game: Monster Catcher!

Monster Catcher is a fast action, single player game for the Commodore 64! If you like Rodland, Bubble Bobble, and a little bit of Smash TV then you’ll love Monster Catcher!

Check it out here!

Thanks for reading!

I've uploaded a fix. Download again to get the latest.