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I've been playing these games and I absolutely love them! Wandering Wolf Trick left me in tears and Clever Fox Moxie gave me so many feels! Mochi and Treat's pov stories were also heartwarming but also heart breaking, making a great story line.  You really fall in love with all the main characters and the art, it's all such an awesome game. 

However, I know that Treat and Mochi are the main characters, but is Moxie and Trick going to show up in any of the games' continuation stories? They both seem to hold heavy hearts and sad memories from their backstories. But despite it all, Trick still stays optimistic and friendly, and Moxie stays determined and acts strong, making them both lovable characters. Not that Treat and Mochi aren't just as lovable, of course! They're the cutest couple around Frosting <3 Thank you for all the hard work you've been putting into these games and have a great day!! :)


heheh, thanks so much! yeah don't worry, moxie is here to stay. trick's place is elsewhere but they won't be gone forever <3 glad you're enjoying my games!!