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hi giovanni, hi ricardo.

i played the demo the last 2days. with interruptions.

and si can i say, that i love this game. i am an fan to plaform games many years.

my favorite game is the oddworld series. you know it ?

abes oddysee and exodus and so on.

and here i have a similar feeling with dmt.

the protagonistic charakter have have a lot of life in itself.

the opponents are sometimes pretty nasty.

like the zombie named "claw" (is that right ?) or the "orkpigs with 6 eyes".

The different attack patterns loosen the fight well .and one must well pay attention.

congratulation for you. it is a nice game.

i hope it will give an release date soon.

stay tuned. it could be a indie hit.

all goods greetings


wusterhusen germany


Hi my friend, 

we are really happy to hear that.

About a release date, we hope to reach Steam in 2018. We have tons of work ahead but we will release a Demo 2 for sure.

Thank you for playing.

Greetings from Italy :)