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I am sorry, but I will only give vague answers :-p

1. It is a little Joke and a fan-thing on the one hand. On the other hand: there are many connections between my story and IT. My spider represents something different than the spider in IT, but it is also not pleasant. ;-)

2. She got killed.

3. The Shining and Lost Highway can give the answer. :-)

4. I think the short film gives the answer.

5. The number has a trivial and a more symbolic meaning. 

I really don’t want to be too artsy fartsy, but to be honest I love stories that are a bit ambiguous and I think they only stay interesting as long as the author doesn’t explain too much! :-D

Thank you for your interpretations!!!

Thank you for the reply. I think I'll play the game again and watch the film again to see if I can make more sense. As a matter of fact, I love novels, movies and games which leave enough space to the audiences. Otherwise it will not be enjoyed for the second time.