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This is a PC game, porting to android is a little more work than you'd expect and while I'd love to see it, this dev gave up on this port before it had chance to become something special, so I can't see an android port coming out of nowhere any time soon.

It can be played with Oculus Link or Virtual Desktop on your Quest though, and plays well enough.


I have been working very hard on another remake of the Wolfenstein 3-D engine, this time not only with the shareware but also with support for commercial Wolfenstein 3-D, Spear of Destiny, the Nocturnal Missions and even Super 3D Noah's Ark. Plus mods of all of the above. As a native Quest app AND for PC.

I started it in August 2019 and I expect it to be finished sometime this year. (in 2021)


Just happened to see this comment and have taken a look at your work - that looks fantastic.  I'm really looking forward to it's completion.  Thank you for your efforts to bring the classic back in a very pure form!