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soooo my anti-virus said it detected a trojan after i downloaded this. should i be concerned?

It is most likely the 32 bit version from renpy 7.4. I'll take it down and do some troubleshooting right away.

Did it give you any name or such?

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Update to this; It is a generic error from an unsigned 32 bit .exe that Ren'py 7.4 introduces. You can rest safe, it is a false positive. A version without this is soon coming.

If you'd like to check it out for yourself you can scan the -32.exe and then the normal .exe on virustotal or such.

I'd suggest either redownloading now, or delete the DistantTravels-32.exe file. It is not needed to run the game and simply adds compability with older windows versions.


alrighty, cool beans