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I love it! Haha i wasn't sure if i would but i absolutely adore this game. The story so far is really interesting and I'm already fighting between Ian and Nico! I swear if the full version isn't free I'll probably cry....not that I don't mind helping out developers but I'm basically broke so yeah lol. Either way this game is awesome and I can't wait to see the full thing. BTW there were some minor spelling errors and I think you accidentally used Franco's name instead of Enzo's during the Sunday dinner.

Sadly, the full version will be commercial ):
But we'll make giveaways and contests for free copies!
Glad you liked the demo and our Artist is also biased and torn between Ian and Nico herself, haha.
Also thanks for reporting that Enzo/Franco issue!

Awe, boo! Well I'm sure I'll be able to buy the full version eventually. I look forward to reading the story and I'm glad I could help.