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Oh, I should open that option there ^^; You can always leave a comment by making a review :)
Glad you enjoyed AJ so much :DOur plan is to work on the sequel after Caramel Mokaccino is done, actually :D
So please look forward to it! ^o^

Glad you enjoyed the demo! Hopefully you'll like the full game when it's out too ^__^

The demo doesn't have any routes, but the final game will feature at least two girl routes :)

Glad to know it did! :D
Hope you enjoy it ^^

Oh, that's strange... does it show any errors or it just doesn't run?Do you have an issue with other games made with Ren'Py?

Sadly, the full version will be commercial ):
But we'll make giveaways and contests for free copies!
Glad you liked the demo and our Artist is also biased and torn between Ian and Nico herself, haha.
Also thanks for reporting that Enzo/Franco issue!

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Sorry for the late reply! That archive shouldn't even exist, no idea why it got there in the first place!

No worries, the game should work fine without it :)