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Given the nature of work, I’m not sure if I can release the source code without any potential implications (as if the game doesn’t have enough problems with cheaters on leaderboards already).

If you have specific suggestions or GML code snippets, I can try integrating them.

If the stars align, might eventually be able to add Lua scripting to it (so that “sub-mods” could be loaded), but the effort required to do so would exceed the effort required to add official modding support to the base game, so there’s that.

I wanted to extract the "Collectable tweaks" functionality into a standalone mod since I don't need the other modifications.

But I get what you're saying, if you don't feel right about it then I won't push this further.

Anyways, great work, everything runs incredibly well ♥.

Sorry, I forgot to respond to this - you can enable/disable each part of the mod individually in the INI file.