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I played this for 3 hours and got all three endings. 

I have to say, this game is totally mesmerizing. I was captivated the whole way through. I love the art style and feel of the game. All of the monsters are so cool, and the music and sound effects are incredible.

That said, I have no idea what anything was about. The "story" is totally off the wall and makes absolutely no sense (don't get me wrong - that's half the fun!). I also must just suck at choosing dialogue, because I got none of the other characters. I also found a ton of bugs... some silly, some disappointing, none really game-breaking. For instance I consumed my two grease magic scrolls and got no spells. 

I'm tempted to play this again to get other characters. That's how good I think it is. Anyways, I hope you fix it up because I think this could be a classic.


Thank you so much, glad you managed to enjoy it even with all the problems you found, and I'm deeply sorry about the bugs, I just fixed the problem you had with the scroll and other bugs, thank you for the feedback!