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The game looks and plays beautifully! The dynamic of managing your turrets at the same time you chase the right shapes to upgrade them plays very interesting. The coloful visuals also add a lot to the game!

If you'd allow me to write some constructive criticism, I'd say the game should have a better "last resort" mechanic, because from my experience, once the turrets can't keep up with the shapes, the shapes start to destroy your base, but because you can't color all the shapes, you can't upgrade your turrets, so it's basically game over. It would be cool to see some mechanic to be used "in a pinch".

Other than that, I think the gameplay is innovative and great! Congratulations!

Yes, that’s definitely an improvement for after the Jam review period.

Thank you for playing and taking the time to criticize! I am happy you like the game :)