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Yea I meant to say campfire to cook with, etc. Thanks. I corrected that.

Once I can make all crafting stations in one area and I can repair my weapons while I'm out, that would be great.

Also, how do I build stuff with more durability? Seems it's pretty set.

Some affixes that can roll on gear can add extra durability, but otherwise, there is no way to improve it.

Can you develop a way to improve it? Or does better equipment later equal more durability? 

Maybe make it so that the more you make one thing, eventually you can make that one thing more durable as time goes on?

Better equipment has more durability. The idea behind the equipment system in Soulash is to eventually replace anything so that a single great drop doesn't lock a slot for most of the game. You can always craft more items as you learn recipes, including the best rarity items.