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Hi, I'm very sorry for those controls issues. Usually, it is caused by a gamepad, a joystick or some other device acting as one. You can try to unplug those. One player had an issue with an old 3D mouse driver, that he needed to uninstall to make it works. Another one unistalled  VJoy, which is a virtual controller software. 

To reset the custom inputs you may have entered, you have to delete them in the registery, To do it easily, you can use the following command line: reg delete "HKCU\Software\NuSan\Fragments of Euclid" /f

If you don't know how to enter a command line, you can also download the following file and execute it :

I hope you will be able to play. I should make a new version with an option to disable gamepad controls, as you are not the first to have issues with it.

I tried unplugging all my USB devices to no effect. Eventually I got the game to work by guess and checking the inputs. Although I was never able to disable a controller input I was able to over ride it with a controller that uses Xinput. Although I didn't have any devices plugged in I do think I have Vjoy drivers because when I use my GCNUSBFeeder (Gamecube controller driver) it registers the gamecube controllers as Vjoy devices. Im not sure the problem I was having is the Vjoy driver's fault or this game's. But I was able to twist the game's arm by setting up the most ridiculous control scheme, I've got all the primarary and secondary inputs to match where they could then the xbox controller inputs the same as the Playsations... then any input I wanted to disable I just set to O... its a disaster. But I got it to work. I haven't finished the demo yet but from what I have seen I absolutely love it! I love spacial reasoning games and Escher is my favorite artist. Portal, Antichamber, TRI: Of Friendship and Madness, Puzzle Dimension, are all great but Back to Bed, Monument Valley/Evo Explores, and Echo chrome go one step further in the Escher direction but with this game and Manifold Garden coming out soon I think I will have the Escher exploratory game I've always wanted. Oh then there is that one level in Dream that I have a feeling you might have played because it is probably implemented the same way. I remember playing that level and wishing there was a whole game that was like that and now there is! Thank you so much for making this masterpiece. I will definitely purchase the final version I love it so much. That being said, I found the filters very annoying. Thanks for including a thing to change that setting but even with fixed noise I don't think it is a good artistic choice. I'd rather just turn it off entirely. If you wanted to include that handdrawn game feel I recommend applying it to the textures rather than the camera, but dont apply it uniformly use it more heavily on object that should be darker or out of focus. It would also be dope if you included curved surfaces that you can walk on to change gravity. I saw a halfpipe thing leading up a wall and I was like "Oh shit here we go this game is gunna be crazy!" then I just walked up to the wall without changing gravity. But other than that your level design is amazing both from a visual and puzzle perspective, keep up the good work!

I'm really glad you found a way to make it work, and I hope you will like the game. Thanks for the game you suggested, as I didn't know about Dream, Puzzle dimension or Back to bed. I should play them, they seems verry interesting. I'm looking forward for Manifold Garden, but also "Museum of Simulation Technologies" and I'm working on a sequel, and your remarks tell me that I should add more exploration phases, as there is not that much in the current game. Anyway, thanks for your feedback.

idk If I'd recommend dream. It would be a really great game if they finished it but it doesn't feel finished at all. I haven't finished the game yet but I don't think there is more game to finish. Either that or the puzzle I'm supposed to be solving isn't apparent at all and there have been some previous puzzles in the game that are so obscure it isn't fair and I had to look them up. So here is a video of the room I was referencing . It works just like your game. I do highly recommend playing puzzle dimension though I think you should use it as an inspiration for how you can play with gravity. Although I haven't finished the demo yet from what I have played (first 2 levels) you have a nice ratio of puzzle to exploration. I like how there are totally optional paths that don't have puzzles that you can just get lost in if you want. I'm probably an anomaly when it comes to this but if the game were just a giant maze with no real goal other than to explore it I would be totally fine with just being lost in an Escher painting for a whole day with no sense of direction. But I think most people would think that is a mean thing to do game design wise. I haven't heard of "Museum of simulation technologies" but I played a game with the same exact game mechanic that took a much more simplistic art direction using solid shapes and colors, for all I know it was the same game in its very infancy. I couldn't find it but it was playable in browser. I haven't heard of depictura but it is a very unique premise and it looks like every ounce of potential is squeezed out of it. You said you are working on a sequel are you saying that you made depictura? in which case bravo looks amazing but I cant find how to buy it and if you are working on a sequel I'd recommend making sure people can buy the original first

Yeah, it seems like Dream is a bit too obscure, but the Escher level seems fun, maybe a bit too exploratory. I resisted to put a way to directly change walls like in Puzzle Dimension, to really put the portals to good use. But it's true that seeing the gravity change directly can be more visually strong, so I will keep that in mind. When I was talking about a sequel, it was a sequel to what is actually Fragments of Euclid, continuing the story and adding more interesting ideas around space. DePictura is not done yet and is made by @YannickGero, but I played a bit at an Indiecade and it was really promising. I know of a game similar to "museum of simulation technologies", it's from a Ludum Dare : and it was a fun concept. I also played Disoriented on steam, which is nice but a bit too simple. If you like wandering around, NaissanceE is great, but less about mindbending spaces. Antichamber is still the best example of that, even if it's more about puzzles than exploring impressive spaces.

Yea I love antichamber. It probably should have been mentioned in the first list I gave. That ludum dare is the one I played in browser! Oh I don't think you should make a sequel but rather a continuation. These first 5 levels would be a demo then you could have like 25 in the actual game. Get it out on steam and make the big bucks off this masterpiece and get the credit you deserve. But I think if you added curved surfaces to indicate that you can walk on them to change gravity that would open a whole new world of ways to warp the players mind. I haven't heard of disoriented but after watching the trailer it is now on the top of my wishlist, but that mechanic is exactly what Im talking about and I think you could do wonders with it, just like Escher did. Also here are some browser games that play with gravity well: and Although those are 2d a lot of the puzzles could still translate well. I have a whole collection of mindbendy browser games these 2 are the most relevant. I hadn't heard of NaissaneE it looks intriguing and I added it to my wishlist but it doesn't quite get me hype with Echer vibes its like if Escher had an evil twin or something. Maybe the trailers don't quite represent the game. Im sure I'll like the game but not for the same reasons I like yours.