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Wow!  Great job at simulating the sensation of actually skiing.  I had so much fun playing this.  I actually came to itch to donate but I can't find an option to do that.  Do you have a donation method, please?


Hello, thanks for your kind words! It makes me happy that you enjoyed the game. I do not accept donations. Instead, the game will get a paid release within a few months (Q1 2021). The paid release will add more courses, music, features, and polish. More of everything:)


That’s great news! I’m excited and happy to hear that!

thats awesome is there any pre purchase, ive had so much fun playing this would gladly pay $15-$20 for this!!

it’d be super cool if there was a way to import existing  mountain trails, would love to ski some mountains i skied in the past.

also would love a zen infinite mode to just keep skiing, i found the game to be super relaxing!!