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UPDATE 7-24-17

Yes I know it's technically the 25th right now but be quiet.

First major update is that I've started a Trello board for this game, for those of you who are interested in a more concise version of what I'm up to an how I'm progressing. The board can be found here: On a side note I highly recommend Trello to other jammers who haven't tried it yet; it's flexible, easily editable, and it really helps keep track of things, especially with teams.

On to the game, and I've made a number of important scripting improvements. For starters, I've made a parent health class that will serve as the backbone for all other types of health systems in the, from the player to the bosses. The health system is an HP system, called Integrity Points (IP) in game. The health system also has two conditions: Burning, which does a small amount of damage every second over time, and Stunned, which temporarily immobilizes the character and prevents it from attacking. There will be things to be added in the future, such as resistances to certain types of damage for enemies, but for now this is a solid start.

I've also started to set up code for the player's abilities, which will also be carried over to enemy abilities. So far I've gotten one ability programmed, an area of affect attack that is centered around the caster. But more importantly I found a timer system online that allows abilities to have cooldown, which will be important for obvious reasons. The playable character also now rotates to face the mouse, meaning that the only remaining part of the player movement script to be completed is the dodge mechanic.

My plan for the next few days is to complete the player movement script, finalize the code for the rest of the player abilities, and make the cooldown class something anyone can use. After that, I aim to complete the enemy AI and attacks, and move into programming the game systems. After that, I we narrow down the design and make it pretty. I'll have another update for you guys soon.