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Good day. I really like the style of your games, so I have one question - what do you use to create such cool games?

Heyho, GreenGiraffe!
Thank you, glad you like the style!
You mean what art tool I use? I mostly use Photoshop because it's good for almost all purposes (character art, background art, UI, logos, fonts etc.) and lately I've started inking with Procreate (the characters in Monster Mawl are all inked like that).
Generally, I love to try out new tools, but it's a good idea to stick to the ones you're most comfortable with :)
Hope that helps!
Take care and stay funky,

Thank you. But I wanted to know what are you using as a game engine? (games run very smoothly)

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Aah I see! I use GDevelop, it's a great engine and, most importantly, I'm pretty comfortable with it :D