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I love this game, but just experienced a really stupid game function. I had a BEASTLY tree grown, 62 seeds in a single drop and used a little over half my sap.

I accidentally clicked twice and produced two batches of seeds.

From there, there is NOTHING you can do. Your tree dies. The seeds stay in their half-matured state, eating up ALL of the sap you're producing, until all your leaves die.

This, to me, is super dumb. There should be a "drop seeds" option.  Or click to manually drop a premature seed, something. My tree could have done, like, thousands of seeds in batches of 62. But because I clicked twice, it died. All that work wasted. :(

oh no :( I'm sorry for your tree. You spotted a real problem, it's a pity that the tree dies just for a mistake.

I like your solutions, I think the "drop seeds" button is better but I like the idea of manually drop selected flower or fruit. I'll work on it soon.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!