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its funny, the novella and novel i'm working on have very "wet" plots. i guess i think a lot abt the many sources of liquid in the world! good luck to your Wetness Lens +2!

I looked back and was like "wow the wifi. Yes. The wifi is liquid. Oops" so yes. Very liquid story indeed. Thanks wetness lens.

I can relate, I've always been rlly fascinated w liquids and water and swampy shitsmelling-type areas. Then a few months ago I took some quiz about being autistic n it was like "Every Single Autistic Person has a Fascination with Water So Now This Website Dubs You Autism Brained" n I was like. Oh shit. Cool... question mark??

But anyway... that's exciting!!! More WetWare 2 come!!!!!!! 

hell yeah here's to aquatism 😎 🤝