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I've been enjoying this game a lot, it's a huge amount of fun! I feel like I've wrapped my head around the default mode, and I'm now trying to wrap my head around the alternative geometries.

But I have some friends who are sensitive to flashing lights who would like to play, but can't (because of the flashing colours when you clear a layer). Would it be possible to make a version without those flashes?


Sure, I can add such an option. So should the levels just disappear immediately? Or with a simpler animation when the level smoothly turns black?

I have no experience with people sensitive to flashing lights. In Bringris, the corners of the screen are also flashing (in some sense) while you  move the piece. And probably in some other situations, depending on what you have built and how you move. Is this not a problem for them? That would be more difficult to solve.

Bringris has been updated, and flashes can be disabled now.