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What a beautiful sight to behold. Makes no sense as a platformer but I was too stunned by beauty to care. Here is why it doesn't/probably wont ever work as a platformer. 1. The goal of platformers are to get to the end, if the level is a endless loop then there never is an end or at the very least if there is one there is no way of knowing if you are getting closer to it. 2. since you can't know what is on the upcoming section until it flips over that means you don't have enough time to prepare yourself from what is about to come up. 3. Even if you know exactly what is coming up because of the warped nature of the level it is near impossible to predict where you will land especially considering the variance in speed and if you are making a platformer predictable jump arcs are a must. I think the slow and contemplative nature of these graphics would lend themselves better to the puzzle genre. Here is what I propose: rather than a newly generated map after each spin have it be one constant map throughout the level. You already have tiles so it would be perfect for a tile based puzzle game. Here are some mechanics that would work well in this format. You could have cracked tiles that after walked on disappear. You could have blocks that you can push around then if the blocks that you push around look just like the ones you walk on you could have a mechanic where if you jump on a block that you have been pushing around you can push it into the ground such that on the side you are on it is flat but if you keep walking around the strip you will find that you pushed what used to be the floor up such that you can now use that as a block. But in order for this mechanic to be necessary it means that it shouldn't be possible to push a block all the way around the strip so there could be walls too.  If the walls are only 1 block high then you can jump on top of them just like the block and if they are a certain color you can ground pound them onto the other side too. But if they are 2 blocks high then the player can't jump over them. Then there could be a tile that if you jump on it then it flips you around to the other side. I could really go on all day about the puzzle potential of this game. If you want to hear more about how this works let me know