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Hey I got this in the  racial justice bundle and I'm really digging it! Bought it  individually too cause I was really enjoying it. Looking forward to the next worlds!

Would it be possible to make it so I can use the D-pad on my Xbox controller?



Awesome!! I'm glad you're enjoying it so much!
The Blue World is actually very close to being ready! I'm looking to release it this month!

I'll definitely look into using the D-pad on the XBox controller... that would be a nice feature. 👍🏻
Thank you for playing and thank you for the suggestion!

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Hello again eelskin, I have an update available now with your requested dpad support.

When you get a chance, grab the latest update and give it a play through. Let me know what you think and how the new controls work!

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Thank you so much! I find it much easier with the D-pad. I'm running into walls much less often.

Also Blue world is great! I love the music. Very chill.


Great news! It really does help... I've been using it on some of the very hard areas and it really helps stay in control a little better. Thank you again for the suggestion.