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Thanks NerdVine! No problem :) Even not explicitly saying criticsms, I wrote down some points to improve/check while watching you play. That will help me a lot. By the way, is it you who draws the girl on your thumbnails? I liked the manga style.


Hi Nevasca, I glad my silly video could help you in some small way. Thank you I'm glad you like my drawing, it's something I've been working on recently.  And yes I draw all my thumbnails myself, it actually took me longer to draw those pigeons than it did my avatar XD Gosh I can only imagine how long it took you to model your pigeons.

Hi Nevasca! i just got this game and it crash report, how i fix this?

The crash report folder name ''2017-07-24_140938'' next to game executable 

How i Fix this? 

Hi PhuTheGaming! Sorry for that. When does it happen? What are your PC specs?