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I like the idea of the game and I admire that he's making a game by himself and I want to help make it a good as it can be. That's why I'm making music, drawing designs, finding little things that could be a mistake or could be improved. 

btw about mistakes i found a glitch(i think)

where if you lean on the massive wall in the arena(any wall)

and rocket jump youll be send to the top almost instantly

Oh yeah, that's super weird, I wonder what makes it do that?

Did YOU know that if you freeze time and then proceed to put multiple rockets at your feet, you can do a super rocket jump? Not a glitch but it's super cool and I was actually able to find out that there is increased gravity at high altitudes. You can experience it if you are on the highest point in the arena.

Sorry for how long this is  X )

its fine