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He has a community post on youtube about that.

Yes, also detachable limbs

That would be cool

0.3.1 is light and it's the smoother running version, 0.3 is the dark one, but its more taxing.

0.3.1 is the easier running edition of the game, it's the best running version we have until the next one comes out. 

No, its a limitation of this demo

Thanks, my song is down there somewhere. 

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Did you watch the video...

You have to make sure you download the Mac version

I don't remember if I said this already, but I think an ADS that slows time a bit in the air or on walls (gradually consuming the time gauge) would be super cool and make kills while doing parkour a lot easier.

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Steven, If you want music I'll make it for free. I have a title theme made already if you want it for the next version.

Try letting them surround you and then rocket jumping

0.3 is black and purple. 0.3.1 is the new experimental white


Old 0.3 is black but more taxing, and the new 0.3.1 is experimental white with performance enhancements, just download the one you'll enjoy more.

Yes, a cool flurry that deflects bullets would be sick

Nah, that is probably gonna be in the next demo

Did you guys unzip it? You need to unzip it before you can play it.

The light theme is one version, the old 3.0 is the dark one

The light theme IS experimental. If you don't like it you could try the old dark version.

because you have the new version with the experimental light theme. The old dark theme is still available, you just need to download it instead.

Its ok


The blue buttons above the forum.


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Steven, I think that all the "people" (character, enemies) being energy-based lifeforms would be cool. For example, what if there were rails that you could ride by turning into an electrical current: and maybe "ammo pickups" could just be energy you're siphoning from the enemies would be cool.

Because the white theme is experimental.

What version are you two using?

The zip?

Flying enemies you can dash into to latch onto to use as living platforms.

think about it.

Actually, it can happen any time. It's just easier when they don't move.

Weird, cool find.


I was thinking it would be cool if punches made enemies REALLY go flying, might be cool.

Thanks, He mentioned not having music in devlog 3, so I made this track.

No problem, thanks for responding so quickly.

There's more, the entire area is like that.

That's the pedestal thing that holds the book, I couldn't even tell what it was

Hey, just making sure you're aware that gallery park's Rose Guardian meadow is all chopped up, at least in the mac version.