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hey i was working on making your gzdoom packs work together nicely and thought id give a response here.

it seems that lycanthorn, lycanthorn2, and vomitoreum are using the same ipk3 structure as shrine.  shrine 2 uses a different structure but its all fundamentally the same. (config)

also it seems your gzdoom is 149mb which i suppose includes all the libraries, where as gzdoom official v4.5.0 is only 14mb possibly relying on the system libraries. (dynamic vs static linked libraries)

i can understand why you'd package them all for compatibility sake, but and arent required in those cases. (or atleast in my case)

so first of all we can remove the included gzdoom's "game_support.pk3" because it only points to regular doom game wads.

next you dont need gzdoom's soundfont because your games arent using midi (gzdoom.sf2)

some slight tweaking to your file names and repacking a new iwadinfo.txt into all of your ipk3 and we get some fancy compatibility in one single directory:

anyhow this is a pretty long topic, will just say i modified a few things to all work from one directory with one single launcher

awesome gzdoom project look forward to your newest creations

Oh wow, thank you for sharing this, this will be helpful on my own Doom engine game and I would love to help my friends I'm getting into standalone Doom mods launch all of them from one central hub!!