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this is why i turned music off and generally did not recommend including music in the game.

if someone wants music they have thousand options and a music player

if you believe the claim is wrong then its within your rights to dispute it.

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similarly you can create a /quake/block folder and put the files in there, in game run "game block" to run it like a mod.

its like lego quake

only better

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i read that this game works in SCUMMVM, thats great.  i should test this.

any plans to update the AGS engine when the SDL2 update comes out?
the SDL2 moves away from Allegro backend and fixes several issues
i hope you do testing for this an release a SDL2 update

also, two of your included sound records:

Amelita Galli-Curci & Tito Schipa, Parigi, o cara (Giuseppe Verdi, 1853). Performance from 1924. Restored mp3 transfer provided by the Kahle/Austin Foundation.

Mal Hallett and his Orchestra, My New York (Irving Berlin, 1927). Restored mp3 transfer provided by the Kahle/Austin Foundation.

are not CC/CC0/Public Domain and are copyrighted in the US (via US MMA 2018) for 100 years.  meaning until 2024 and 2027.

it would be nice to change these songs or replace them with CreativeCommons recor

wow im always impressed with these.  keep it up developers!

glad to see the release

wish you left the demo up.

monuments of mars

i got spoon

if the unity webgl game doesnt load then use a different browser

chromechromium has an issue with compressed unity files
itchio does not set this correctly, and chromium has this bug.

there is a compressed-fallback that you can set on unity to avoid this issue



hi, can i suggest for future games you dont include copyrighted music for cutscenes? would be appreciated so i dont have to go mute the audio to remove the copyrighted portion.....

"Collapse -- Boards of Canada"

i forgot the other one, it was a few months ago when i removed it.

also probally a bad idea to be distributing the short loop of music in your games in the first place, even if you did have a license.

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obey your bat overlords

hey i was working on making your gzdoom packs work together nicely and thought id give a response here.

it seems that lycanthorn, lycanthorn2, and vomitoreum are using the same ipk3 structure as shrine.  shrine 2 uses a different structure but its all fundamentally the same. (config)

also it seems your gzdoom is 149mb which i suppose includes all the libraries, where as gzdoom official v4.5.0 is only 14mb possibly relying on the system libraries. (dynamic vs static linked libraries)

i can understand why you'd package them all for compatibility sake, but and arent required in those cases. (or atleast in my case)

so first of all we can remove the included gzdoom's "game_support.pk3" because it only points to regular doom game wads.

next you dont need gzdoom's soundfont because your games arent using midi (gzdoom.sf2)

some slight tweaking to your file names and repacking a new iwadinfo.txt into all of your ipk3 and we get some fancy compatibility in one single directory:

anyhow this is a pretty long topic, will just say i modified a few things to all work from one directory with one single launcher

awesome gzdoom project look forward to your newest creations

what starts out as a promising AGS game inspired by Sierra titles quickly turns into a racist fuckfest of nonsense that needs to be re-written.  fictional hate is fine, outright racism is not tolerated in today's society.   for that you get one star.  rewrite a few of your lines in a new patch and enjoy your shame.

love this style.

graphics, music, gameplay


reminds me of hylics


nice art and gameplay


this game needs more boxes to engage eyeballs

saws of death

great use of enviornment lighti
make sure to wishlist this

thanks MYST devs

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cats in video game

haha nothing wrong with that,  its fun anyway

love it dude

amazing concep

wave 9 the everlasting roll


ah no way, i didnt know you guys had twitch integration
i wonder how many people on twitch didnt know that either??


awesome! yes that is enough. many than

its ok that it works on wine/proton

but we all want a native linux version

its not that hard to do...

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hey nice art and style

please more more  games

more details on the page?

Game By:

Music By:



thank you

dark and lovely


lestat rat

also thank you so  much for having linux version

browser worked for me

cool stuff outstar & meow