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i see the changelog file on the steam version

and we're presented with what is known as "V1.4"
i was wondering do you have a published changelog here on itchio

and what is different in "V1.5" from the steam version, if its required to update steam for us.

thanks for the linux demo on steam

"$UE_PROJECT_ROOT/HouseProto/Binaries/Linux/HouseProto-Linux-Shipping" HouseProto "$@" 

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disdain.  good splatter SCREAMING HEADS

thanks and look forward to full release DISDAIN


yet...some have eluded the answer is clear

so clear it would never go beyond a thought

a page of numbers, numbers, a lock...

"the end"

a fantasy dream illusion through dark corners

one progress flowing to contractual ending

torment gruesome recurrence undulating

options mouse lacking severe problem driving

another lovecraft story portrayed through visual interpretive medium

grandoise darkness fogs the visions through dark expletive voices

there are dangers and fears lurking through every step of progress

war eludes through fanciful endurance

the lock... it torments me

pages of words and descriptions none the wiser

clicking and opening the walls observed a door

kautzmann you wicked purveyor of entrapment

the stabs flush red as the cake makes for an escape through scrawled doors

the cats meow purpose seems to know fates of family two dimensional features

choices leading directly towards missing ending potentials, as a 4th ending succeeding as boy with cake after the events...sequel proposed as conclusion or expansion of desiring cake filled with bloody cat guts

breaking through the waves another lighthouse creepily ponders the existential questions of survival and alone mustering the fearful guize of horror through insanity

fanciful withdrawls imposing darkness under horizons of distant objects conversing quietly through the static waves crashing

knowledge seeking misguided sacrifice narrowly traversed

the rough fluid atmospheric searching within confines explains an unreal quandary features of home exploration within proximity to sewer vending carbonated symbols

the gob is goober gobbling ghastly doughy frazzle of exceptional artistic prose jumping with animations within these short moments of elucidation

further hypothetical process improvement exceptionally queried as longer play induces smashing deliverance of results

sadly the cursor and some dialog boxes are quite buggy.  while the game is mostly a keyboard interface, perhaps leave the mouse cursor on the screen at all times instead of hiding it?  an interaction with the doctor left an invisible dialog box and the cursor visible and ended my game (rage quit) otherwise a funny and awkwardly entertaining reminiscent punch em in the club jaw.  also amazing you did this with the AGS game engine.  impressive.

the psychobabble tale of a man forced to live as a poet without a cause simply because he felt the need to express his views for monetary gains in a world which did not respect his thoughts formed in adventure game style as we progress through several possible endings thus returning repeats to find the true meanings

-- i believe i have played and created videos of all of your games (that i liked) and i wait for more interesting artistic ventures from your creative process!  thank you for being here on itchio and sharing with the community (always give ++ratings++ for games & developers we enjoy)

** i may also note, ive played all of your games on GNU/Linux using steam proton (wine) to play windows versions of the games... so, maybe you would explore releasing Linux versions in the future?  Unity & AGS both support linux exports.

music mockingly compresses comical atmosphere in seaside island town

collection progressing uncertain ending if the end is to sleep

wandering finding locations graphics bygone era festering

fantasy gimmick from experience pleasing cash money falling

the cinema film movie required a second viewing to destress.

i made a little steam gif artwork for your game

you can only leave steam reviews if you have played the game for 5 minutes

indie idealistic supreme soup follows fanatical aspirations aesthetics
hinting hindering horrors having hazardous hypnotic humble happenings
colors divine giving peaceful altercations flowing from conscious choice
a story progressed with marvel and inspiration brought from the depths of itchio

cats ponderously observing fish recording them gives pleasure to many

maggots for margot win or lose the symbolism creative and admirable

expected different and found surreal house made the visit worthwhile

five for five both margot happy margot angry, wishing to see more news

as later examined an array of colors decorating as modern art

a pathway determines facts or fiction as water ways and docks expand

introduction as video game medium applaused the sunshine_error attempts

(1 edit)

sanguine story hopeful delight painful classification detrimental flowing limited OPTIONS.

opening crawl shows artistic excellence forgiving preponderance choice with interactions

slow walk hindered expressions through fog lenses timely apparition of legs the story flows

linear rise over run the gruesome banal folklore gives constructed completion

** unreal engine developers..... TURN OFF MOTION BLUR (in GameUserSettings.ini) for real its HORRIBLE *******

++ voice dialog needs balancing, its too damned quiet compared to the SFX in the game --------

(1 edit)

artistic expression wonderfully following a path

limited time resources given lack of attentive detail

short glaring retold story frighten recourse completion

held beliefs vividly truncate visual experience with delight

the hallway stretches forever through endless questions

a story prologue told by radio broadcast echoes to eternity

the lady of the bathroom wicked as she torments the visitor

secretly found endings become standard exploration

i played this on steam in Proton, but saw you had a linux version on itchio
we get past the two logo videos then boom.
as soon as the main intro video starts it crashes


Native stacktrace:

/home/catbox/.steam/steam/steamapps/now_then/concluse/Concluse_Data/Mono/x86/ [0xf34bf05d] [0xf7f7bb80] [0xf7f7bb59]

/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ [0xf7a42a02]

/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ [0xf7a43e91]

./Concluse.x86() [0x86157d9]

/home/catbox/.steam/steam/steamapps/now_then/concluse/Concluse_Data/Mono/x86/ [0xf34f0a9d]

/home/catbox/.steam/steam/steamapps/now_then/concluse/Concluse_Data/Mono/x86/ [0xf34535c5] [0xf7f7bb80]

./Concluse.x86() [0x95da694]

./Concluse.x86() [0x8ba048b]

./Concluse.x86() [0x8ba0b31]

./Concluse.x86() [0x8111fcf]

./Concluse.x86() [0x8448be8]

./Concluse.x86() [0x8417a69]

./Concluse.x86() [0x841d538]

./Concluse.x86() [0x8410028]

./Concluse.x86() [0x847c002]

./Concluse.x86() [0x847c716]

./Concluse.x86() [0x847d19f]

./Concluse.x86() [0x847dce8]

./Concluse.x86() [0x847df62]

./Concluse.x86() [0x8446280]

./Concluse.x86() [0x842ef9d]

./Concluse.x86() [0x807bab4]

/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ [0xf7a2dfa1]

./Concluse.x86() [0x80893d9]

Debug info from gdb:

I refuse to debug myself!

No threads.


Got a SIGABRT while executing native code. This usually indicates

a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries 

used by your application.



ubuntu 18.04 LTS

obviously most other things & games run fine.

unity, mono, etc.

fascination tales explained purveying infrastructure

contemplative expression shared as reality medium integrates

outside a change features tension the stiffness air dwindles

ethereal world faces appear visions with scintillation

faces appear bags full anticipated winnings

callous regard attacking squares pushing foes zapping skies

challengers lose once they flee giving rise to expert fields

different views taken great enrollment for consideration!

(the webgl stutters audio a lot when loading next dice roll)

not enough magic not enough health not enough dice not enough attack

creepy moon wins everything it rocks staring ominously

attack foul creature let darkness win this light

died enough repeatable infractions briefly - enjoyable arena view

skulls bones fireballs gold!

the starting roll stats chance for death

overview random zones lacking animation attacked

commendable achievement casting measurable attempts

firstly the results... (ubuntu 18.04 LTS x86_64)

  • ./dicethulhu: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  • $ ldd dicethulhu
  • ./dicethulhu: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.34' not found (required by ./dicethulhu)
  • (0x00007f22de798000)
  • => not found
  • => not found
  • => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007f22de71f000)
  • => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007f22ddf43000)
  • => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007f22ddb52000)
  • /lib64/ (0x00007f22de570000)
next the windows steam for linux proton:

quiet friendship cthulhu head spins pips spawning floating lasers
four buttons align easy to assess possible outcomes
death finale all closed all ends forever deletion
given twice the alone silence watching rng chance tentacles face...

fanciful jester laughing intices our winning means

colorful design grating audio gives pause to positive yields

dice work magic spirits working expects always losing and death

unity pressed through steam for linux proton allows participation

yet still valued appreciate the efforts with the character

(1 edit)

given linux players immersion lacking instruction

battle cats this melody imposes carefree rolling

baba yaga house miasma given power attacks

dialog easily lost compressed by overlaps incongruities

eat me, drink me, exclaims alice.

spinning whirling substantial masses cubed insane twirling masses

splats rats squat then refuse detritus colored lacking

floors quickly withering jumping flying

the woods are alive from woven tales unfamiliar.  design appreciable as instructed and portrayed.  thoughtful consideration in options to interact and the cruelest riddle thankful to be given lightly.  praise there existed to no sliding puzzle for the finale, all with greatest honors.



fearful antagonizing pain the mind settles on isolation and separation.  withdrawn from society as the world ending, no hope left.  town lost, nobody left, all the flock have gone.  somber haunting song attracts visitor uninvited.

🐦 🎶 👧 

art choice expression enthralled as the gameplay refines into an understood mechanic.  a few rounds chanced to see the building as enjoyable experience.  with completion improved others may agree the high esteem response.


(1 edit)

(april 2019) years after excitation there still exists longing valued appreciation for the combined efforts presented.  unknown origins of the remake lacking appeal, having stored away carefull previous "installations" and comparisons it is cloudy yet apparent the possible definition.  solely the most complete journey of familiar walls and objects, a scripting narrative narrowly missing any reason for denial.  confusion among the representations still, which is real that imitation or further?  lastly, darkness engine incomparable even as performance is lost through the maze of reduction.

(1 edit)

views finding appendages through murky haunted waters, a traveller attains more than calm satisfaction.  the views pale aspiring realization distinct from other existing creatures unnatural as the experimental footage explains.  favorable extension of the representation it is with artistic value rarely seen from short spans of time.


(1 edit)

死 (shi) 

history recalls that shortly after the conquest of Gaul, the Romans began to take on the challenging tribes to the north.  in the mountains through beautiful landscapes owned by a deeply proud people living in squalid peaceful arrangements.  for hundreds of years the battles continue as the determined germanic peoples fought back against the largest single invader it had ever known.  eventually winning and beginning the fall of the Roman Empire they existed through darkest of times and through the brightest intellectual revolutions.  as with many other possible cultural extinctions, any time the chance could have wiped out completely either history.

chance the bloody dice are not for you, take a  card.

the clown smiles until you succeed, then sadness.

your misfortune given unknown opportunities.

it is over, another body pushed into a cold meat locker.


(1 edit)

should the fate of a mercenary assassin lead to their death should anyone shed a tear?  failure attempted as rigormortis settles over the malodorous aroma alerts the patrols.  randomly the story gives clear pictures tastefully selected visions from  the chaotic depressive tale.  as we are all fated to become whole again with the dirt, a skull passing one voice to another is the same as any other at the end.