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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BUG REPORT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

OS: Windows 10 64 bit

Ver: v2

Priority: Minor

I had no idea where to make bug reports, so I'll just say here that if you dash repeatedly into the bottom right corner whilst spamming left and right, you can clip through the wall and end up outside of the playzone.                                                                                                                                                               This led me to being invulnerable, but also inable to complete the level. So far, it seems to give no advantage to the player.


P.S Your game is absolutely beautiful and awesome.


Thanks a ton for the bug report, uh, FartSparkle. Love how detailed it is, this is really useful. For a jam game, there's bound to be a few things like this so I'm sure it'll be ok being left alone for now, unless there's a big bulk of bugs to fix and roll out all at once. 

But, in future when I (maybe) update this game, I'll fix this! Thanks for the report, chief! And thank you for the kind words <3