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Thank you so much, I don't really know what that meme is but I get what you mean. I guess I just kinda felt that we have a lot more technology these days but everyone is just miserable and end up feeling helpless. If knowledge is power and we have access to unlimited information why isn't it helping? We are at the peak of access to tech that's unprecedented in history and we're all just kinda flailing around with it instead.

At the same time I wanted to try to learn to love the part of my brain that's fight or flight and look at things from it's perspective as a body mindlessly trying to survive regardless of what I want. Looking at it that way there's something very kind and likable in how determined our bodies and fear responses are at trying to keep us alive. I wanted to write that kind of inarticulate hero(ine)/victim. 

Anyway, I'm at risk of ranting but thank you for feeling excited about the game. I'm glad I can put some time into it's fundamentals, the next release will be stronger? (I hope!)