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This is a great game! I love it! I can see this working in tandem with a game like Icarus where your players build up a city and then participate in its downfall to set the tone for a future society built on the ashes. This is worth far more than I paid for it and I can't recommend it enough to my gaming associates for something different than the constant graphs, charts, and spreadsheet crunching we're all used to.

As an adjustment, I left Jokers active in the deck. I used this as a way to counter the face cards and add a little extra flavor. In the example, there were soldiers and mages going against each other. The soldiers drew a joker card and crafted a mage defector who made it their goal to bring the mages down with the help of the soldiers. While the joker idea might not be for everyone, I think it adds in enough chaos to make the game that much more thrilling.

Love it, love it, love it! It is in my world-building rotation, I guarantee!

Thanks so much for the kind words! I LOVE the Joker idea and hope to include it in one of my own games soon. We'll be running a game jam for BFB modifications and expansions soon, so I'd strongly urge you to consider typing it up when the time comes! And while I'm thrilled that you've enjoyed playing the game, the fact that it's sparking bits of game design in your own mind is the highest praise possible!

As promised, the #BFBJAM is now LIVE as is an SRD for the game! If interested, I'd strongly encourage you to type up your rules modification and submit it as a rules supplement for folks to use!