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I wish I could have played it. I see from the other comments that this has a problem with Windows 8 and 10. That's unfortunate! Hopefully you got a good experience out of this game jam regardless.

Thanks a lot, it's my first jam, and I learn a lot,thanks too much, I'm so glad to see people help another people, it's not a problem, for my first jam, it's enough good, I hope that it run on Linux, Mac, or Windows 7, but if it's not run, I'm ever happy to share my project and my idea with another people.Thanks too much for your feedback, I don't feel alone, ahahah, I'm sure that it happened for another people, but it's the life, ^•^.

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Good new, I have solved the problem, you can play on my game right, ooh, i'm so happy

Thanks for the update; I was able to go back and play it. Congrats on fixing it! And congrats on your first game. :)