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Reading the concept gave me a genuine wicked smile at the sheer wretched darkness of the game! There is something wonderful about inflicting horrors and trying to survive maddening my serious monstrosities when you are but a simple soul, rather than a her; lacking might and having a far greater fear of the unknown. This emphasis on “hopelessness, dread, darkness, and inhumanity” really set a wicked tone that definitely caught my attention, and doesn’t that just sound like the ingredients for a pleasant afternoon?


I have thoroughly enjoyed going through this system and can’t wait to actually get to play it. I look forward to more updates and enough people giving this a try and seeing for themselves that this is something special, a truly horrific horror roleplaying game with a heart of darkness and a system so clearly worked on with Infernal love and eldritch craftsmanship to bring the ultimate experience of dread. Now doesn’t that sound fun!? 

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