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Entwife Experience

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Apologies. I hadn't seen any notification. Have done now

Hey! Aww bless you. Thank you. So lovely to hear from you. Hope you're well 🍂💗

Finished playing through tonight and look forward to having more cogent thoughts on it another day, but I absolutely loved this truly novel and enchanting game book. Absolutely wonderful!

This is truly glorious and magical. I've only played through a few rooms so far, but I'm having the absolute best time and this is such a beautifully presented, thoughtful and insoired concept. I'm absolutely in love!

Hot Griddle! 


This is such a novel and awesome idea! Love the prompts and the fun use of dice! Genius stuff!

A wonderfully simple, elegant and inspiring letter writing, world building game. Look forward to giving this a go with my partner!

A simple and elegant alternative d20 system without bloating or baggage and an emphasis on players being taking charge of the creativity & motivation of their characters. 

Full Review here:

Thank you ever so much! 🍂💗

Slayers is an impressive exercise in design elegance with simplicity being expertly wrought into a fun, flowing and easy to pick up system that fits the tone and aesthetic of the game wonderfully! I absolutely love everything here! It's just so easy to pick up, play and create for, with a brilliant setting filled with flavour and endless potential. 

If you want to be a cool, competent character that investigates and slays cool monsters in a wide variety of awesome settings, this honestly might just be the best game to play. It is an absolute Dragon game slayer!

My full review  for this incredible game and hype for The Slayers Almanac Kickstarter:

Such a wonderful and horrible garden crawl full of fecund flavour. Had fun getting it started with one group today and I'm already planning to run it with another group! Just a phenomenally well put together Mork Borg adventure that looks amazing, is absolutely crammed with encounters and all sorts of weird and wonderful suggestions, and comes with a simplified text. AMAZING STUFF!!!

This is amazing! Incredibly useful, full of flavour and makes me want to get a piratey game going right now!

Such a brilliant concept! Absolutely love this!

Brutal, bloody, brilliant! 

A CW for Self-mortification, Self-Harm could be beneficial 

Filthy gorgeous and an awesome optional attribute! 

Turns sacrilege into an art form!

I think if you're using such confronting references to sexual assault a CW is needed.

Sinfully superb! 

I enjoyed this so much that it must be a sun and we need to behead each other. Wish I could give it 11/5 on Yellow and/ or difficult to read! 

I absolutely love this! 

So very horrifying and hilarious! Will definitely the right consenting group to use something like this, but brilliant nonetheless. 

Gloriously awful! 

Utterly ludicrous. Brilliant

Wonderfully awful! 

Such a cool sea cage cult crawl! 

Who doesn't love an oily, greased up god? 

Nothing too special here. Just another supplement from a big mouth. This makes me yell "fuck yeah!" every time I read it. 

Too kewl for skewl

So many awesome ideas and looks amazing! 

Who doesn't love hooks, especially when they're rusty and dropped with slime?

The dead priest giveth. The dead priest's skull taketh. 


Absolutely brilliant or terrible pun, I can't tell. The class phenomenal! 

Revolting, ridiculous, brilliant. 

I have a staple encounter, particularly for new players, of coming across a group of hooded figures in a ritual who do or say nothing, but move together in harmony. I'm totally going to have them show up again with these goodies!


Left me buzzing! 

Bloody brilliant! Khorne would approve. 

This is absolutely brilliant!