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Entwife Experience

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This sounds really interesting. 

I can't seem to see any information on the artists/ assets used in this project. Could you please clarify this? 

Heartbreak, beautiful, and so painfully real (I have fibro, CFS, and C-PTSD) 

In a sea of really meaningful lines, "I'm not even the sickest person with ME" got me. The way we are both ignored and compared to others is really awful. Every person's experience and suffering is unique and incomparable. 

Love, support and solidarity x

This is genuinely one of the most beautiful, wholesome, fun, chaotic and inclusive work of art I have ever had the privilege of witnessing! 

When I saw the concept and the team I knee this was something special, but I never dreamt it would come together and be presented just as spectacularly as it is. 

This is perfect, gorgeous chaos and just love of art and games (and dinosaurs, obviously) distilled into a game of pure joy and wonder. I don't know what any of us did to deserve this, but the world is a significantly brighter and better place now that this game exists. 

Thank you!

Incredibly fun Dwarves in Spaaaaace with a slick, quick and simple system! Great Stuf!!

Full review of the Pre-Kicksarter Alpha here:

Full of flavour and awesome ideas!

This fvcking rules!

We need more Rolled Lichoma!!!

Heartbreaking needlepoint precision. 

I feel seen and recoil, but appreciate it. 

Truly hoping your days are brighter x

Love this! 

The vibes and a flavour are wonderful and Evlyn's art fits perfectly. 

Wonderful stuff! 

Unspeakably beautiful.

Utterly breathtaking.

I'm speechless.

I love a little bestiary and I adore Salvaterra's art, so I had to check this out, but I was seriously not prepared for what I found inside.

This truly is a gorgeous, genius, and simply phenomenal supplement absolutely packed with all manner of wonderful creatures and inspiring ideas!

Utter magic!

B and then A are my favourites. There's something about the way the colours work with the image and title that is more aesthetic and vibes than the others. They all look great though

Utterly gorgeous and absolutely brilliant! 

Wonderful concept and incredibe use of public domain and other art. 

Bloody marvelous!

Beautiful and brilliant!

These are unbelievably awesome!!

Your art continues to blow my mind.

Incredible stuff!

Beautiful, amazing, glorious! 

The world is a better place for this zine existing in it!

Absolutely filthy gorgeous and packed to the gills with amphibious flavour! 

Love it!

This is the most precious and adorable thing ever! Love it!

Absolutely dripping with style and substance! Genuinely fun stuff to add to the game and also a wonderful in-universe document that you could share with your players.

Love it!

This is a brilliant collection of Hunts! I had the best time running The Show Must Go On as my first Hunt recently. I set it in Canvas from the Slayers Almanac and had a Pulse-Taker who was Lucky from Waiting for Godot, ran the Harlequins as Juggalos and the Puppeteer as the Ringmaster with ICP, Twiztid, ABK and Blaze Ya Dead Homie puppets (because I am both pretentious and cringe). We had a wonderful time and will absolutely be playing more of your wonderful Hunts in the future! Thank you!

This is absolutely phenemonal. 

Sheer perfection

Such a wonderful idea! 

Love it!

After so very long of loving this game as a text and from afar, I got to run it for a group tonight and had so much more fun than I was even expecting. I ran Alex Rinehart's The Show Must Go On from Harrowing Hunts (Vol 1) and set it in J. R. Zambrano's The Canvas. Truly can't wait to play more and will definitely be working on creating my own Hunts and other bits. 

A fascinating and elucidating zine that explores kobolds as anarchist communists with a deep love of beauty and their children and their undying opposition to tyranny. 

Packed with flavour and inspiration for your gaming good times!

I'm running out of ways to say Evey makes fucking weird and glorious things, but so far this takes the cake. A truly bizarre and fun (and seemingly impossible, but eminently surmountable) premise with a cast that pushes 'colourful' into a whole new spectrum

True original whimsy (complimentary)

Perfectly pitched poetic prose and truly original and inspired backgrounds

Wild imagination, heartbreak, absurdity, silliness, and brilliance in buckets!

A truly bizarre and flavourful background, even for Troika! 

As slimy & mouldy as it is powerful, poetic, moving, and disturbing (both the creator and the art)

What an absolutely phenemonal setting and varied series of adventurers from an incredible array of creators. 

I ran my first game of Mausritter last night using this and I absolutely can't wait til next week. The flavour and depth here is incredible, which, along with the sensibilities of the game itself, really inspired me to create my own characters and storylines in the moment. 

Truly a magnificent collection!

This latest blasphemy is another banger from the eminent nightmare crafter of 3PP MÖRKBORG offerings! 

This series of collections of adventures and settings have added so much to the Dying World and this is no exception!

I can't wait dive further in, but I'm flabbergasted with just how varied and awful crossing a bridge can be. You love to see it!

This is a truly wonderful concept and judging by the preview, team, artwork and the quality of your previous games (not to mention my love for the games that inspired this, puns and the the ideas of old ladies in spaaaaace) I am truly hype! 

There's something fruit wonderful about the simplicity and efficiency of how the the game works, so you can easily pick up, play and be, on your merry (milky) way! 

I am going to hopefully be giving running a session a go on Saturday, so I will let you know how goes and hopefully do a more in depth write up! 

Wishing you every success with the crowdfunding!

I am truly blown away by how perfect a TTRPG/ rulebook it is! The balance of theme, mechanics, detail of info & efficiency, not to mention the beautify & clean artwork/ layout is astounding! I'm genuinely lost for words. I just can't get over the depth of flavour/ GM options/ inspiration presented so effectively/ efficiently. 

Absolutely will do! I just can't get over how awesome this is. I can't thank you enough!

Your work is phenomenal Sin! Been a big fan for a long time! The regularity with which I just randomly think about Hark! is ridiculous lol Always makes me smile!

This is absolutely wild!

A truly phenomenal resource. 

I'm overwhelmed with just how incredible this is! Thank you x

I love these so very much! Absolutely wonderful!

I used these in this project:

Awesome scenes. I have been doing layout today on a supplement called Cuplets, it has some optional rules and adventure seeds in couplets, NPCs in haiku and I'm I just need to finish the item acrostics and finish layout, so hopefully next couple of days (I'm Brina/ RatGrrrl Games by the way. This is my old creator/ current customer account and I often forget which one I'm using)

This is truly amazing! Thank you.

Working on stuff now.

I would suggest also entering this in the Forever Open Source Jam.

Absolutely glorious! Made my day!

I'm so incredibly happy for you and can't wait to give it a proper read after the weekend!