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What's up everyone? My name is Slester, alright short and brief review about the game. The game is okay i enjoyed the game and reading those notes learning what was happening to others. But i wish we could see some action man, i will be honest boxes are not scary enough.  I was expecting something better for the ending, the ending wasn't what i was looking for. Overall it is a good game give it a try, here is my gameplay video i hope you guys will enjoy it! 



hey thank you for playing, recording and your feedback! :)

Since we developed this game in about a week, there was no time left to polish and to fix the ending (even to this point where you cannot see through walls (kinda missed that), I originally wanted the player to freeze in darkness, playing some music, fading into credits). We desided against a monster in this game because of our limited ressources like time, we instead focused more on the environment.

great video and commentary, did tell me much about userexperience of the game. (like 200 drawers openable...without content not great idea.... ;D)

keep it up man and stay in touch :)

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It's all good man, you did your best apparently within that time :)