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Sorry I disappeared for a while there. Life happened. I've recently come back to this, and found V13 to be absolutely excellent. The Aspect of Undeath's playstyle is a sheer joy, I must say. Also, I'm sorry about the Kickstarter. It's a shame. Nonetheless, what you've done is already incredible, and I reckon it could easily become something really special given time. Who knows, maybe the time will be right later?

Anyway, I hope to see you persevere!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

Don't worry about the kickstarter. It was for buying graphics, and the game can still be continued without professional level art, it'll just be in my somewhat crude art style for the moment, till I can find a better solution. As for preseverence, I've been working on a new thing which I might be able to show shortly (or possibly not so shortly, depending on how it turns out. It's rather experimental and untested right now)