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what are the random babies on the floor for?

Folk. You should make them huts. And feed them. To make them happy :D

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so they basicly are like babys :) and all they give back is a smile when they are happy till they get needy again and start to cry for more food

the only thing i am missing here is they dont make dung :D

lol babys are just the other end of the toilet they spew it out

If they're folk, maybe in a future update they could help with recharging workers if you keep them happy?  Would add another dimension to making them happy...


We have some plans for the folk's usefulness that we can hopefully share very soon! Thanks

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not sure if you plan on this but what if you added acheivements or something. That would make it to where like if you kept five folk happy for a few days(day/night cycle usefulness) it would unlock maybe a new structure or item or maybe even more land


Yep we'll definitely be adding those at some point :)