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A frankly wonderfull game who made my day and my week and, overall, my end of the year ! Like, it's small, kind and elegant (and elephant). I love the fact that most of the gameplay is base on exploration, on going back on place with new knowledge and item, but also with hint from different character or wooden planch ! 

I loved the completionnist part, mostly because of the way you disperse the hint in the world, and the secret room feel awesome to find ! 

I still have some trouble with the lack of feedback on 2 of the optionnal boss (spoiler : the chest and the dragon) like, I didn't know if what I was trying was the right answer or not. The third optionnal boss have some feedback, so it's pretty clear when I'm on the right way, but for the other two, it's a far less clear. 

I played on steam (but I repay the game here because I loved it too much xD) and I also want to say that the achievement help me a lot to reach the 100% (it also clarify the info of the mole being "get" because, else, it was pretty weird to just see the mole go away. But the rewards was really worth it and elegant !

The whole game work so well, I really love it ! Thanks for making this game !