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That was really, super detailed video! I am sincerely touched by the time and effort you put into playing and commenting (I don't think I went into that level for your game).

What was supremely cool was that you stumbled upon something that I hadn't even considered at all: letting enemies linger on the screen while you harvest credits - that was a nice emergent surprise :)

Also you discovered the bug/"game jam feature" of retaining past weapons - that was totally unintentional (forgot to reset some variables)! 

I guess the mechanic of taking a hit to restock ammo was really counter-intuitive so I should've emphasized on that more in-game (rather than rely on the help screen). The asteroid field is totally random so there might not be any open paths. The UI could be improved further as its hard to tell the HP vs the ammo with so many bars up on top. Agree that the bigger asteroids aren't very worth it - planning to increase the drops in the next version. Also agree that letting players shoot backwards and reversing the ship direction might be more intuitive although the convention of shooters is to have it always facing forward.

Noted the feedback on the start game button and having BGM. 

All in all, amazing video I LOVE IT

I'm happy you liked it! I wasn't planning on playing for so long, but what could I do? You made a good game! :D Cool that I discovered something new :)

I think it's good that you can't shoot backwards. That's a limitation that sparks your creativity, even though it can also be frustrating.

I think if the bullets bar was more like a list than a bar it would be much more intuitive, because I thought it was the shield (since the shield is also white) at first. If it looked like the bullets I would have probably understood it sooner.