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My favorite character in the game is probably the protagonist for the Mermaid. 

She's very headstrong, brave, and kind. Her aloofness is cute too. Also she's the only protagonist who truly signed up for this program out of her own volition. With serious consideration for a proper romance and future with the date. The part about her talk of tattoos and cultures showed me she's truly a great person.

Her short haired, well toned design is pretty cute. And honestly the last decision was super satisfying. To see the character, who gets me into so many bad ends and let so many die, chase after her while yelling his name desperately. I certainly hope as much as Mermaid got this super unreasonable streak to him, they'll be able to live happy together. 

Thanks for this amazing game! I enjoy this game fully, and I wish for information on this fantastical world.

You're welcome! And don't worry, that particular pair will certainly have a happy ending~ (*coughsmaybecoughs*)

Another project is planned that'll reveal more about the world, but won't be worked on for quite a while. (All in due time. =3)