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I enjoyed playing this one. The tutorial was quite nifty. Only minor gripe for me was the lack of variety.

Some ideas for this mechanic if you should get back to this game after the jam:

  • Could introduce different boxes. Maybe Ground Tiles that spawn a different box when the box is summoned upon them. (Different, speed, height, gravity-strength and gravity-direction, boxes that can jump, boxes that can double jump, boxes that stick to walls, ...)
  • No Summon Zones: Prevents you from summoning your box, but does not stop boxes you bring along.
  • Could add some freefall sections where you have to avoid obstacles. Then mix it up by requiring to bring a box (or a special box for more speed, etc) to the ground that is on fire + No Summon Zone.
  • No Box Zones: Deleting all boxes (prevents bringing special boxes further), if placed mid air, can spice up jump sections.